About Us

I am a mother of 4 beautiful children under the age of 6. Before I became a mother I was a Childcare worker and then a nanny.

My first three children were all born 17 months apart so life was crazy and extremely busy. Trying to juggle daily chores and meet all the needs of all three children was my daily challenge.... Though extremely rewarding and enjoyable.

By the time I had baby number four (3 year gap from my 3rd child) I was introduced to the BOBA wrap by the clinic/lactation consultant at my private hospital. " well why wasn't I introduced to this with my first baby! This long piece of fabrics was my saviour! Baby number four was a very clingy and unsettled bub until I held her close in the Boba wrap! She would sleep for hours in the wrap and was so happy and content! I could do my house work,  attend to and play with my other children. Then that Witching hour became non existent and evenings peaceful as a held her in the boba wrap. This is how wriggle worm came about! I began sourcing other products for myself and baby and only wanted the best. I then came across storksak baby bags and many other wonderful products including nibbly bits teething jewellery and Ewan the dream sheep. These products are very muched loved in this house hold and I wanted to be able to share these with other mothers. All products I have used myself and unbiasedly recommend these to others.


Please Feel free to browse my store and view these beautiful products that I share with u.

Enjoy every momentous step of motherhood and take it all in as I assure you it goes way too fast, those babies don't keep for long, enjoy the journey soaking it all in and remember to breath along the way, your doing a fabulous job!


Natalie Barbin


Wriggle worm xox